I just did my examination in LIA. oral test. my teacher interviewed me in the exam. these are our conversation on the oral test:

Teacher: "what is your hobby?"
Me: "writing"
T: "REALLY?? write what?"
M: "blogging. I'm a blogger."
T: "waaah I love writing too. I'm finishing my novel"
M: "Sounds so good. I'll buy it if it's ready in bookstore"
T: "thankyou. what kind of story that you usually write?"
M: "about an event, concert, article, etc."
T: "do you write them in English? or Bahasa?"
M: "Bahasa. I'm still learning to write in English"
T: "you should write them in Englishto make your English ability better"
M: "hmm okay. I'll write them in English."
T: "what's your blog site?"
M: ""
T: "OK. I'll visit your blog"
M: "thankyou sir!"
T: "your welcome. don't forget to write story in English. ignore your wrong grammar or vocabulary. you'll realize your mistakes someday"

so, from those conversation, I'll try to write article in English on my blog. I'm so sorry if my language isn't good enough. I just wanna practice my English ability. As my teacher said. I hope you guys can correct me if y grammar, vocab will be wrong. thank you so much.